Dental Implant Manufacturers

Dental implant manufacturers are companies involved in the manufacturing of dental implants. Some dental manufacturing companies will make all sorts of dental products while others will choose to specialize in one or a few dental products. There are many dental implant manufacturers found all over the world. It’s important to know where your implants are coming from and the reputation that the company has.

Most dental patients are indifferent to the dental implant brand. This choice is usually left up to the dental implant dentist who should have the expertise in choosing the appropriate implant. Some of the well-known dental implant manufacturers include Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i, Straumann, Zimmer, and Astratech Ltd. Dental implant manufacturers claim to offer the best and latest technologies in dental implants. It may be wise to carry out research on cutting-edge technology and the best dental implant materials on top of consulting your dental services provider.

The Top 7 Dental Implant Manufacturers

1. Biomet 3i is one of the companies involved in the manufacture of dental implants. It is a subsidiary of the company Biomet Inc which is incorporated in the United States and has sites in around 60 countries worldwide.

Biomet 3i was founded in 1987 and besides manufacturing implants, it also makes abutments and other dental accessories.

2. Nobel Biocare is another famous dental implant company. It is a Swedish company but has offices all over the world. Self-styled as being a world leader in aesthetic and restorative dentistry and is said to build on the work of the father of dental implants, Professor Branemark. Nobel Biocare is said to have the largest share of the dental market.

3. BioHorizons is an American company with locations in the UK, Australia, Canada, Chile, Ukraine, and several other countries. It is said to have markets in over 80 countries.

4. Innova LifeSciences Corporation also manufactures dental implants. It is based in Canada but has a worldwide market for its products.

5. General Medical Equipment Company is based in the UK. It manufactures dental implants as well as accessories and other surgical equipment.

6. Straumann Group is the second-largest dental implant manufacturer in the world with markets in over 60 countries. It was founded in 1954 and its headquarters are located in Switzerland.

7. Top Implants is a company based in Israel. It manufactures dental implants, dental abutments, and other dental accessories and sells its products worldwide. It has been in business since the mid-1990s.

Dental implant cost may vary from company to company. However, the difference may not be very significant. Your dental professional will be in a position to advise you on which implant is the best for your particular needs.

Most of the implants in the market will give satisfactory results so most dentists opt to use implants from different dental implant manufacturers for variety and to avoid stock-outs.

Dental Implant Marketers

Dental implant marketers are also a part of the dental implant companies. These companies are responsible for selling products from different manufacturing companies. Their services are crucial in countries where the dental manufacturing company does not have offices or a presence. The marketers may go door to door, visiting dental practices to market their brand.

Dental Implant Retailers

Dental implant retailers are dental implant dentists. The dentists can either buy the implants directly from the manufacturers or from the dental implant marketers. Most dentists will deal with more than one brand of dental implants, for a wider variety. This is possible because the difference in dental implant costs between different manufacturers is not very significant. Also, dentists have the leeway, as the majority of their patients will trust them to choose the correct dental implant for their procedure.

A dentist will choose the brand based on several factors such as how easy the implant is to use, the design, and how readily the implant is osseointegrated. With experience and the resulting skill, most dentists will settle on one or several preferred brands by specific dental implant companies.