4 Steps to Choosing the Best Dental Implant Expert

You’ve heard all the major advantages of dental implants, now is the time to find the right expert to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants provide a lifetime value that will prevent embarrassing slips as you would with dentures.

Here are four steps to choosing the best dental implants expert.

But how do you know who is the right dental expert who has the skills to accomplish your quality implants? The first thing you must understand that the difference between dentists who are trained to do implants and dental implant experts. As teeth are unique, it takes a lot of skill to provide quality implants.

1. Make sure the dental implant specialist is a licensed dentist.

While being a dentist is a high requirement, this does not make they will be a real expert in implants. Be sure that whoever you choose will have a licensed background along with experience.

2. Must have educational training in dental implants

Your dental implant expert must have the proper training and education in dental implants. This means they have completed over 300 hours of post-doctoral training related to the topic of implants.

3. Dental expert must have experience

Your dental implant expert must have the proper experience as no implant technique fits all teeth. Dental implants are quite complex dental devices. This means your expert must have at least two years of experience in practicing implant dentistry.

4. Dental expert must show competency

Your dental implant expert must be competent. This means they must show complete skill in dentistry through an independent process. The dental expert must have performed a variety of dental treatments that can range from tooth replacement to full mouth. Make sure that the dental implant expert has also performed this task on a good amount of patients before your treatment.


Follow these steps to help you begin your search in finding the right dentist who is also a dental implant expert. While the process may take days or even weeks, the lengthy process will surely be worth the wait once you achieve the final results.

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