Reasons Dental Implants Are Better Than Dental Bridges

If you’ve lost one or more teeth then you might be thinking about getting dental implants to help with your smile. Those of you who have only one tooth will most likely be able to afford the cost but people needing multiple tooth replacements may have a little bit more of a challenge.

Three thousand dollars may be able to get you a single dental implant. While the pricing of implants is believed to be on the downward slope as more people get them and they are less expensive to manufacture, right now you are going to have to come up with a good amount of money to have this done.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge could be an alternative to consider so that you can save money over getting an implant. Many people have seen success by using these types of teeth replacements, so you may think that this is a good option for you. We are going to go on and talk about why dental implants are better than dental bridges.

The look and feel of tooth implants are very natural. Many times bridges can be uncomfortable and may cause your mouth to feel odd. You are most definitely not going to achieve the ultimate comfort if you choose to use a dental bridge.

Better Than Dentures?

What if you were to go out and buy dentures? A good pair of dentures can cost you a pretty penny and a cheap pair of dentures can give you many problems and a lot of pain, more pain than the dental implants cost would cost your wallet.  If you do wear dentures you are going to have to continue to buy adhesive creams, strips, or gel and you also need to make sure that you do not break or lose your dentures. Losing partials and bridges are not uncommon and can become very expensive so if you only have a few teeth to replace it may actually be more cost-effective for you to actually get teeth implants.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) the average dental implants cost comes in around 3,000 dollars.  This can be a shocker to many but when you think about it, you are buying an actual tooth and a long-term solution instead of uncomfortable, time-consuming and possibly embarrassing ”solutions.”

Jaw Bone Recovery

The root of your tooth will be replaced when you get a dental implant put into your jaw. This is a great way to allow for bone recovery. When you use dental bridges you will see that much of the bone will break down over time, because of the way that they are put into your mouth.

There are no other benefits that I could find that would place dental bridges over having dental implants than the fact that they were somewhat less expensive than having this other procedure done to fix missing teeth.

If you aren’t a fan of lengthy surgery then you may want to look into other options than dental implants. Choosing the right periodontist for your procedure will make things turn out much better. Check references to ensure that the person you are going to is a trusted dental professional that can offer you good service.

An investment in your oral health is very important. If your dental implants are properly cared for, it is possible that they could last a lifetime. The prime candidates for this procedure are those that have good oral health. You should speak with a periodontist before you decide which direction you should go.

Dental Implants Cost Break Down

The breakdown of dental implants cost according to the ADA goes something like this:

The surgical placement of the implant will cost about $1,500, the abutment for the implant will cost about $600 and the crown will cost you a little over $1,000.

If you find a dentist that offers you a lower price on dental implants cost you should be sure to check their credentials, find out why their price is so good and ask for references from past patients. This is something that is very serious and will affect your overall quality of life so it is not one of the things that you bargain with and get a lesser product.

As you can see, the cost of dental implants is not as bad as some people have made it out to be and is becoming more and more common for people that wish to have a healthy smile.

A healthy smile is more important than many people will ever believe. Besides looking great a healthy smile is also going to allow you to be more confident. If you suffer from a lack of self-confidence, fixing your teeth can really help you and stop you from being outgoing and fun like you could be.

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