Cost of Dental Implant – 7 Factors That Determine Price

The cost of dental implants is usually quite high. Many times dental insurance does not cover this procedure so an individual may have to cover the cost himself. The cost will vary based on several factors. Dental implants have several benefits over other forms of teeth replacement. They are durable and can last a lifetime, look natural, and are stronger than natural teeth. Dental implant surgery, however, can be rather expensive. The dental implants cost will include the cost of the actual implant, cost of the surgery (a whole surgical team may be required), x-rays, CT scans, and other incidental costs. The cost can be from $1000 and above, certainly not pocket change.

7 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Dental Implant


Your location is a major determinant of the cost of the dental implant procedure. Dental implants and generally all types of dental procedures are quite costly in places that have a high standard of living. This is one of the reasons dental tourism is very popular. People opt to travel to countries with lower labor and administration costs to lower the cost of the procedure.

The price of the dental implant

The more well-known the brand of the implant the more costly it is likely to be. The price of the implant depends on the material it is made up of and the specific manufacturer.

However, the difference in price range is not large. Other costs included in the cost of the dental implant are the cost of the crown or denture or bridge.

Examination costs

The dental implantation procedure requires X-rays and CT scans to be carried out to help the dentist determine the appropriate treatment plan. This will increase the cost of the treatment.

Other procedures

The dental procedure may include complementary procedures like bone grafting, bone augmentation or sinus lifting. The extra procedures required will depend on the overall physical condition of the patient.

Dental fees

Different dentists will charge different fees for their time and expertise. The dental fees are probably the most variable factor in the dental implant cost. The more time spent in consultations and for the whole procedure the higher the cost.

Number of surgical procedures

The dental implant can be placed in a one-stage or two-stage surgery. The one-stage surgery will obviously cost less than the two-stage surgery.

Number of dental experts

Some dental implantation procedures may require the expertise of several types of specialists such as a general dentist, an oral surgeon, a periodontist and a prosthodontist. This will increase the cost of dental implant procedure.

How To Save Money On Your Dental Implant Cost

There are certain things that you can do to save on dental implant cost. You may want to consider getting your implant done in a single stage surgical procedure. This involves only one surgery and the beauty is that it has the same success rate as the two-stage procedure. The single-stage procedure is cheaper than the two stage one for obvious reasons. Surgery is done once and therefore the total cost of treatment is lower.

Another cheaper alternative is dental tourism. This involves traveling to another country that has cheaper dental care than your home country.  There are countries that provide excellent dental care in state-of-the-art facilities at only a fraction of the cost. This is mainly due to lower labor costs. Popular countries for dental tourism are Mexico, India, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. Besides having the benefit of lower cost, it also presents a vacation or travel opportunity. However, a lot of research is required to find all the information necessary because there may be certain risks to traveling abroad for a dental procedure.

Getting your dental implant done at a dental school is also a good option. You are able to save money with this option because students will carry out the procedure. You need not worry about the quality of the work because the procedure is carried out under the supervision of their teacher. Mini dental implants will cost less than regular dental implants because of their size and are placement in only one dental procedure. The downside is that they can only be used to support bridges and crowns but cannot be used for dentures.

You should always look around for a good deal on your dental implant cost, but remember not to compromise on the quality of treatment.

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