Cost Range of Dental Implants and Mitigating Factors

What Determines Dental Implants Cost?

Basic implants may cost from around $1,300-$3,000, but if the dental implant procedure involves other elements such as bone grafting and sinus elevation the dental implants cost can be as high as $15,000 to $30,000. However, these costs can be reduced by about 30% by opting for the Denture Stabilization procedure, more commonly referred to as mini dental implants (MDI). MDI is a one-step procedure that lasts about one hour and the dental implant can be placed on your lower denture in one visit to the dentist.

Dental implants cost is generally high and will vary depending on the extent of dental reconstruction that will be required. Dental implants have quickly become a leading alternative to crowns and dentures. Because dental implants are used to replace missing teeth that have become so damaged they cannot be saved or were accidentally lost due to trauma, they provide a way to replace the tooth offering a natural look and feel that other methods cannot offer. When considering having dental implants installed, some factors can influence the cost. Tooth implants require surgery and do take repeated visits to the dentist for completing the process. Costs can add up quickly and patients should be well informed on total costs before scheduling the procedure. Most insurance companies will not cover implant charges although some are beginning to provide some help in covering partial costs.

Costs for tooth implants vary according to the location where the implant will be installed as well as if grafting must be done to buildup the jawbone where the implant will be placed. Other costs that must be factored in include consultation fees, x-rays, CT scans, the cost of the implant, dentist fees and any other work that must be done to prepare the gums and install the implant as well as any aftercare that may be required. Dental implant costs also vary according to the region the patient resides in. Larger cities tend to be more expensive when compared to smaller towns or cities.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

The average cost of one tooth implant is about $1250 to $3000 in the United States. Because most insurance companies do not cover implant costs, patients must find other ways to pay for them. Some dental practices offer to finance through finance companies or allow patients to make monthly payments. Other ways to pay for implant costs include saving money or taking out a personal loan. Having dental implants done at a dental college can offer substantial savings in costs. Although students may perform the procedure, the dentists who oversee the procedure are highly qualified to carefully instruct the student as well as make sure the procedure is done in a safe and high-quality manner. Most dental colleges offer this service at half the cost of what a dental practice would charge. For additional savings on the cost of tooth implants, many have discovered that a trip across the border to Mexico offers savings of up to one-third of the cost of what dental practices charge in the U.S.

This cost is made up of several elements; the cost of the dental fixture including the crown that is inserted on top of the fixture, the dental implantation which is the actual preparation of the jawbone and fixing the implant, bone grafting (where there is insufficient bone to place the implant) and gum grafting which is the process of increasing the gum tissue.

Other costs will include the dental consultation fees which is the price paid for the dentists’ expertise and knowledge, cost of X-rays or CT scans if needed, and depending on the patients’ age, oral hygiene, and the anatomy of his jaw bone, the cost of additional treatments that may be required.

Reasons Why You Need Low-Cost Dental Implants

  • Because you deserve to feel confident every time you want to flash a beautiful smile
  • You deserve to have teeth that look and feel healthy
  • You have the right to be able to take advantage of this amazing dental service
  • You need to be able to have a choice between bothersome dentures and teeth that feel and look like your own
  • You should feel good when you open your mouth to speak and not feel embarrassed that someone will notice your imperfect teeth

Dental Implants or Dentures You Choose!

The denture has to be held in place with adhesives or metal fasteners which can be uncomfortable and cause mouth abrasions. And, because the implant is in the jaw bone the bone will not recede as is the case when dentures are worn. The jaw bone will believe that the natural teeth are still in place which will promote bone growth rather than the bone loss that is experienced by some denture wearers.

One day dental implants restore smiles on many people who otherwise would be denture wearers. Dentures are the old-fashioned way to replace lost teeth which comes with a lot of disadvantages. The implants, unlike dentures, do not slip and are permanently affixed to the jaw bone.

Some insurance plans cover this type of cosmetic surgery while some plans will cover it only if it is a medical necessity. It is relatively easy to find a qualified dental implants professional who specializes in this type of cosmetic surgery that has restored many people’s smiles.

Dental Implants & Insurance Coverage

Some insurance plans will not pay for the procedure if it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure so the patient has to consult with his insurance provider to find out if the surgery will be covered. The implant is worth the cost for many people because they are able to smile once again with confidence. It is difficult to tell if someone has had dental implant surgery because artificial teeth have a genuine appearance.

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